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Timolino 14 oz. Spill Proof Travel Mug w/ Red Lever
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Timolino 14 oz. Spill Proof Travel Mug w/ Red Lever

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With all those travel mugs out there, is it too much to ask for one that keeps coffee hot - and delivers only to your mouth, not your shirt? Vacuum insulation keeps coffee hot for 2 hours and cold for 4 hours. The leakproof lid comes with a Press'N'Sip lever design that gives you simple one-hand operation: press the lever to drink and release to close the opening.


Holds 14 oz.

18/8 stainless steel

Vacuum Insulation keeps beverage hot for cold for hours

Leakproof Lid

Docking station screws off to fit in a cup holder and on for added stability

Product Details:
Average Customer Rating: based on 6 reviews
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Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review: 3.5 ( 6 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

22 of 22 found the following review helpful:

4High Quality Mug with some great featuresJan 16, 2004
By B. Cottel
I originally wrote this review in January 2004, right after purchasing this mug:

Just bought this mug about a week ago and am very pleased so far.

Pros: The main reasons I purchased this one (for a couple bucks less than Amazon has it listed for, at Ohoris Coffee in Santa Fe) are because it is very tightly sealed and "leakproof" and because it has the narrow bottom that will fit in my cup holder in my car. Those are the two main reasons, but since getting it I realize that I'm also VERY happy with the wide top that allows for very easy cleaning as well (this is a BIG PLUS in my book).

Cons: I'm not sure how easy to clean the sealing top will be over time (I just run lots of running water through it as much as I can). Also, occasionally the top will make a "hissing" sound when there's hot liquid in it and I've drunk a good deal of it, but it doesn't seem to be as bad as another sealed top design mug that I have.

Other: The top lid "locks" very tight and seems to be very well designed. Also (important to me), is that the rim is very smooth and rounded and pleasant to drink/sip from over and over.

It has a screw on/off bottom, to help stabilize the mug, which I figured I'd just leave off and/or lose at some point, but it actually does come in handy when I set the mug down on carpet or some other softer surface, to keep it upright... on hard surfaces you don't need the screw on bottom, as it's quite balanced and stable even without the bottom "flange" screwed on.

Finally, the handle took a little getting used to, as it's curved inward. I use my pinky finger on the outside, because putting all four fingers on the inside makes it harder to drink out of. Once I figured out to do that, it works great. I also like putting my whole hand around the cup, with the handle down over the back of my hand, that's quite comfortable too. (There are drinking holes on both sides, so this mug works when drinking left-handed or right-handed.)

Overall, an excellent mug so far!

UPDATE (3/12/2005): Well, I lost this mug after 9-10 months and I've missed it ever since. I'm going to buy the one with a blue lever this time (rather than 'red'). I may get an additional one for another household member with 'red', so we can have his and hers cups... I'm putting red in quotes because it actually looks somewhat pink to me, as it's translucent and a fairly light color. Anyway, I've loved this mug, it didn't end up being too hard to clean the sealing top, however I'm mostly a tea drinker, not coffee. I'd still give it 4 or 4.5 stars (wish they could make one that was always completely silent--however, of the sealed tops I've seen, this one seems to do a really good job of not hissing, until you've emptied about 3/4s the cup, then it usually starts with a little hissing). I'd look at the OXO, except it doesn't have a handle, which I really like, plus, more importantly, it doesn't have the nice wide top. I can't emphasize enough how pleasant and easy it is to clean the base cup itself (due to the wide top). I probably should mention that it kept hot drinks very hot for a long time (though I never timed it, definitely > 2-3 hrs, even still lukewarm 12-24 hrs later). It also never leaked on me. You can turn it upside down and not a drop, this was another of the reasons for which I bought this mug.

8 of 8 found the following review helpful:

5Doesn't leak, and lid can be cleanedJul 18, 2006
By J. Lee
I bought this mug for my wife, after researching the various "spill-proof" and "leak-proof" travel mugs out there.

Many mugs that claim to be spill-proof are actually only spill-resistant - if the mug tips, the contents will dribble out rather than gushing out. In the case of the Timolino, though, the coffee stays put nicely, even when the mug is inverted.

A common complaint in reviews of other tightly-sealing travel mugs is that their lids are impossible to thoroughly clean, building up goop in the various inner pockets and cavities. My wife figured out how to pull the lid apart, clean it thoroughly, and reassemble it, with little difficulty (though the instructions don't mention disassembling the lid).

The mug is attractive, fits in our Subaru cup-holders (sized to barely accommodate Coke cans), is easy to clean, and keeps the contents hot or cold all day. I'm very satisfied.

5 of 5 found the following review helpful:

1Poor product that lasted 2 weeks.Jan 08, 2007
By amazon buyer
Bought this mug on ability to clean lid properly and its interesting design. Worked well for a about 10 days and the red lever broke during washing. The red lever is made of brittle plastic that will break easily and leave you with a lid that can't be used.

I recommend the Thermos E5 instead which is similarly priced, comes in various sizes and is much better design and durability.

3 of 3 found the following review helpful:

3Purchased to Compare...Jan 09, 2007
By T. J. Church
I purchased this mug and a Thermos spill prof travel mug to compare the merits / complications of both. Bost perform admirably in maintaining the temperature and retainign their spill-proof-ness, however the 'red lever' in the title of this Timolino mug is loose where it attaches to the lid, and is prone to fall out/off... So -- if you travel with it in a bag, on mass transit, etc. you need to be wary of losing this critical piece of the mug. If lost, you then have to unscrew the lid to access your beverage which completely defeats the purpose...

1 of 1 found the following review helpful:

5Awesome MugAug 03, 2010
By Military Tester
I bought this mug at the suggestion of the greatest coffee shop in the world (Stauf's Coffee Roasters). I used the mug everyday for both coffee and water for 4 years. As an Army soldier this mug endured some serious abuse. I took it to Iraq twice, the field countless times, and regular travel always. This mug finally gave way recently, the handle fell off after 4 years. It is held on by two small welds. It cannot be super glued back on because of this.

As for how well it works, coffee stays hot for maybe an hour. Plenty of time to drink a cup of joe. Things stay cool for about twice as long. The wide base screws off so that the mug can fit in your cup holders. The push down lever is a million more times convenient than those push buttons or twist knobs that are in the center of the lid. The cup is amazingly leak proof which is why I bought it in the first place. I saw that someone had mentioned cleaning, its cake, the only thing is that I wouldn't recommend putting in the dishwasher. To clean the lid just depress the lever as if you're drinking and a dishrag will fit in the grove and you can run soapy water through the drinking portion.

The only downside to owning this and a very minor one is that you cannot attach it to anything. This only applies to outdoorsy people, but there aren't any d-ring holes or anything to secure the mug to a pack or your person.

My advice: BUY THIS MUG!

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